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"There's Plenty of Fish in the Sea:
and They're All Judging You.

Second City's Donny's Skybox
December 15,2007 - January 19, 2008

Monkey Don't Productions delves into its third creation, a 50 minute revue. This show honestly analyzes our intense desire to pass judgment on strangers, friends, family, pets, anyone and everyone who isn't us. Oh hell, we judge ourselves worse than we judge others, so let's analyze that too! "There's Plenty of Fish in the Sea" consists of a variety of sketches, all crafted around the idea of our perceptions and projections of other people.

Fish Poster


Directed by Brandon Andersen



Regan Davis

Amy Steele

Dustin White

Amy Moczygemba

Reis Hand

Heather Meibach

Music by

Mark Lobo

Cody Jorgensen

Written by

Brandon Andersen, Reis Hand, Mark Lobo, Amy Moczygemba, Julia Powers, Nikki Todd, & Dustin White

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"There's Plenty of Fish in the Sea: and They're All Judging You" can now be viewed online!! YES, the entire show! Watch it now!